Joyful Mourning

If you want to read a happy, feel-good book of the Bible, don’t start with Lamentations.  I just finished it again and for the most part it is exactly what Webster’s Dictionary says lamenting is: mourning aloud.  It is nearly 5 chapters of the author’s sorrow over the destruction of Jerusalem.  And I don’t mean sort of.  Jerusalem.  Destroyed.  Totally.

Yet in that book of sorrow I find a few of my very favorite verses, proving once again that even though our situation may seem totally unfixable, completely out of control or absolutely desolate we can find joy in God’s unfailing love.

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” (Lamentations 3:22) Let me stop right there.  We may feel like the whole world is crashing in on us, as if we have fallen into a deep well and the world is heaping dirt, gravel and trash on our heads.  But this verse says, “we are not consumed.”  We will not be overcome by the world.  Why? Because God’s “compassions NEVER fail.”

Never.  Not ever.  Not when you lose your job, fight with your spouse or suffer from a disease.  God loves you and will have compassion on you.  Does that mean he waves a magic wand and fixes every situation immediately?  Nope.  But what it does mean is when your security lies in your Creator the outside world does not, cannot consume you.  His love for you is greater than any situation you find yourself in.

More tomorrow from Lamentations.  So for today, take comfort knowing that no matter what you may face, you will NOT be consumed.  Feel God’s love and compassion surrounding you this day.


One thought on “Joyful Mourning

  1. Compassion is certainly something greatly lacking in the modern world today…BUT GOD has MORE than enough for us ALL to receive and then PASS IT ON!!!

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