Don’t mess with this momma

Yesterday morning my small group met and our topic was spiritual warfare.  And I mean it was GOOOOD.  We learned demons are real (I’ve believed that for a long time), demons want to destroy you (I can testify to that), but also that demons respond to a higher authority (hadn’t thought about that one).  How do we fight the demons?  We learned to use the name of Jesus, the authority of the Word of God, and the authority of the Blood and the Cross to drive demons out.  We shared great testimonies of driving the enemy out of situations and we were on fire!

It was an awesome morning.  Yep I was ready – bring it on!

So he did.  The enemy, that is.

I get in my car and the first text message is about how bad my son’s day is going at school.  And let me say that he wasn’t whining – he didn’t text me – my husband had asked him how his day was going and it was pretty bad.  See he’s the only Georgia fan at his school here in Auburn, and – well, unless you were living under a rock last weekend I don’t think I need to explain what was going on at school.

But the point of the story isn’t what the people at school were doing.  The point isn’t how my son handled himself.  The point is I must have really ticked satan off, because I hadn’t even started my car after my LIFE group and he was already trying to get at me, get at my son.  Well, THAT TICKED ME OFF.

So I turned off the radio and prayed the whole way home.  And I mean it was an angry prayer – anger at the enemy for getting near my son.  I declared him dead in my son’s life.  Claimed Jesus’ name and His authority over the devil, and flat out said I’m not gonna have it.  At all.  He needs to go on because he’s not winning this war.

If you think satan is a picture of a red guy with horns and a pointy tail, I’ve got news for you.  He’s real, and he’s out there, and his mission is to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)  But here’s the kicker – he won’t win if you don’t let him.  First you have to recognize these attacks for what they are – they are the enemy’s attacks on you, on the ones you love.  Then you have to declare your victory in Jesus’ name and believe you have already won.  And you say it over, and over, and over until the victory happens – because it will.

God doesn’t expect us to do His part, but He’s not going to do our part either.  My part today is to fight for my son’s spirit.

Bring. It. On.




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