What Matters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you know that Auburn beat Alabama on a last second miracle play last Saturday.  And from the social media sites and news reports you would think that was the most important thing in the lives of thousands of fans from both sides of the state.

Sadly, it is.

Let me share an event that I heard about last night at my son’s basketball game that was a reminder of what really matters.  My husband leaned over and pointed out a young man on the other team who also plays high school golf.  He told me that his mother recently passed away of colon cancer.  And the cancer took her quickly – Todd had seen her this summer at a golf tournament and she died a few short months later.

All I could think about was this young man who a year ago never could have seen this coming.  Last Christmas his family was probably having a great time together not knowing it would be their last with his mother.  I thought about how he now must get up every day, get through his day with no mother there to talk to, confide in or cheer him on when he plays basketball or golf.  How this will be his first Christmas without his mother.  How he will graduate from high school and move out of his house and on to college without her watching, proud tears trickling down her face.

THAT matters.

A football victory.  A problem at work.  A slightly crazy annoying relative.  All important, but let’s not lose focus of what really matters.

So as you go about your day, enjoy the blessings around you.  Don’t sweat the things that really don’t matter.  Enjoy the victories, experience the defeats but for heaven’s sake don’t let them define who you are.  Don’t let the either one bring out your bad side – satan can use either one to get you to act like a fool.  Know in your spirit what really matters.

And in case you forgot, here’s a little something to help.




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