No Time for a Hospital Visit

Saturday night when I left the SJGT awards dinner I was walking to my car in total darkness.  I thought it was odd that there were no lights where I was walking and then I thought, “You don’t play golf in the dark – duh.”  Guess that’s why the path was enveloped in complete darkness.

I was a bit uneasy, feeling for a curb here and there with my big toe so I didn’t fall on my face and break an arm or something.  (Cause that’s exactly what I DON’T need right before Christmas.)  I realized quickly without something to light my way I could very easily trip on an unseen curb, step in a black hole and end up falling down and hurting myself.

I needed light to prevent the unforeseen accident (and a trip to the hospital, and an unneeded medical bill, and the telling & rehashing of how I broke my arm…)  and then the bright idea came to me – my cell phone!  That modern little gadget gave me enough light to safely make it to my car unscathed by the tricks darkness could play on my eyes.


I needed light to physically see where I was going.  But we also need light in our spiritual lives as well because without it we will stumble, make wrong decisions and get hurt.  God’s word is that light.  The Psalmist wrote, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105) God’s Word guides us and protects us from the dark world in which we live.  It is the source of all life and the script for how we should live our lives.

Most of us can’t imagine going anywhere without our cell phones and they do come in handy – even as flashlights.  How about God’s Word?  Do we take Scripture with us everywhere we go?  If we want to walk safely in this world we need to make sure we have it with us everyday to guide us through the darkness.

Blessings on this cold Wednesday!




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