Locked Out

Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta I had a little problem one day.  There I was – young mom, two children in tow, headed to Costco for my bulk buying trip.  As all moms of multiple children know, it’s not always easy to coordinate getting a buggy, strapping one in while you make sure the other one isn’t out in traffic or being abducted (always a fear of mine living in Atlanta) while simultaneously getting your purse and keys out of the car.  Many times I worked up a sweat and felt like I had completed some kind of obnoxious mommy obstacle course by the time I got in the store, some times even forgetting what I needed when I got there.

So on this day I was maneuvering children, buggy, purse – no wait, didn’t have the purse – and my sweet 5 year old daughter slammed the door trying to be helpful.  And she would have been if not for the fact that I had pushed the lock button already.

Totally.  Locked.  Out.  Standing there with my two children, husband out of town (why do all bad things happen when husbands are out of town?), mother-in-law 45 minutes away but without a car seat.  Sooooo, I was locked out, no way back into my car no matter what I tried.

Have you ever wanted something so bad but it just wasn’t going to happen?  You may have even tried many different angles or ideas but the door just won’t open?  “These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David.  What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”  (Revelation 3:7)  Sometimes God shuts the door so tightly we cannot open it, no matter what we try.  And only God holds the key to that door, and it is solely up to him whether it opens or not.  We bang on the door, beat our head against it, struggle for no reason – all because we seek something behind that closed door that God has deemed off limits.  We want to grab the key from God, unlock it and go right on in.

Good luck with that.

Sometimes we must persevere and squeeze through a small space of a door that is barely open.  But sometimes we need to accept that a closed door is just that – closed.  When it is time, God will open the right door for us, graciously ushering us into the best room.  “See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.”  (Revelation 3:8)

Seek the open door and walk away from the ones that are slammed shut.



One thought on “Locked Out

  1. Loved this devotional! I can relate to the crazy things happening as a mom and it does always happen when our husbands are out of town. So thankful the Lord is always there even in the crazies of times. Hope you have a blessed day and can find a way to bless someone else!

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