The Bad Word List

When my children were little I taught them not to say certain words because they were bad words – words we didn’t use because they were mean or they hurt people’s feelings or they were part of the infamous group of “cuss words.”  Words like stupid and retarded were on my bad word list because I just couldn’t stand hearing them come out of one of mine’s sweet young mouths.

Two other words were on my list:  Shut and up.  To me, “Shut up” was about as mean as you could get.  For some reason I preferred “Oh be quiet” or “Hush” – probably because they came out softer, more southern, more genteel.  “Oh be quiet” and “Hush” almost sound like you are kidding around with the other person, whereas the phrase “Shut up” has both anger and hostility built into it.

So here I was at the LIFE retreat this past weekend when during one of the sessions a pastor told us that we had permission to use the words “Shut up.”  DO WHAT???  That is so mean!  I can’t use those words to anyone – goes against my grain.  But the pastor continued, saying we had to be very careful to whom we dished out those words. (I was in agreement there.)  Do you know to whom you have permission to say “Shut up?”

The enemy.

Oh yeah – that’s right – we are to use them on the one who comes to “steal and kill and destroy.” (John 10:10)  So when satan says, “You’re not good enough,” you reply “Shut up!”  When he says, “You’re a bad parent,” give him the meanest “Shut up!” you can muster.  Or when the enemy screams at you “You’re best friend has a better house than you do,” you scream right back, “SHUT UP!

I am loving this freedom to scream “Shut up!” at the enemy.  He’s already come at me since leaving the retreat and I feel so powerful telling him to shut up and leave me alone.  And oh yes, I say it with as much meanness as I can because he deserves it.  Satan ain’t gonna get an “Oh be quiet” or a “Hush” from this momma because that just isn’t going to do the trick.  He’s getting a loud, mean, powerful “SHUT UP!” every time he tries to tell me a lie.  I choose to believe what my Creator says about me, not the lies the enemy whispers in my ears because he tells lies about as often as the sun rises and sets – which would be every single day.


Jesus gave us this powerful message for us to use as well: “Get behind me satan!  You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”  (Matthew 16:23)

And oh yeah, SHUT UP!!!

Have a blessed Monday!



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