Why the enemy is enjoying Christmas

It occurred to me yesterday that I do believe satan just may be enjoying this Christmas season.  Why you ask?  Because he has managed to use the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson to cause many Christians to lose their focus. And satan is enjoying every minute of our distraction.

Instead of focusing on the birth of our Savior we are instead focusing on whether we believe homosexuality is a choice or you or born that way, whether Phil had the right to say what he did, whether A&E had the right to suspend him from his own show, and whether we should ever eat at Cracker Barrel again.

We Christians are more focused on explaining our feelings and defending our position on homosexuality than sharing our feelings about the birth of Jesus.  How many of us have posted something on our FB page about Phil?  Now how many have posted something about Jesus???

(For heaven’s sake I’ve read so many blogs and FB posts on this subject that they are all starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher – “Wah, wahhhh, wahh, wahhhhhhh….”)

As my daddy would say, “It’s Christmas Eve EVE.”  Wake up people, especially all you Christians out there.  For the next few days why don’t we quit talking about Phil, lifestyles and A&E and talk about why Jesus was born and who he was born to save (that would be EVERYONE, btw) and the love that Jesus represents…

I for one am not going to let the enemy enjoy this Christmas.  My thoughts, my words, my actions will flow from a gratitude that comes from God sending His Son to be born in a lowly manger so that you and me and everyone else who believes in Jesus will be saved from eternal death.


Merry Christmas, satan. No room for you at this inn.

Have a blessed Christmas week!




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