Guaranteed Delivery

I saw on the news a few days after Christmas that FedEx and UPS didn’t get all the Christmas presents delivered on time.  And I admit I added to their overloaded brown and white delivery trucks.  I ordered one present very last minute, free shipping and all, fully expecting it to arrive here by Christmas Eve.

Good news – it came the Monday before Christmas.  Bad news – I wasn’t at home to receive it.  So Mr. UPS Delivery Man took it back with him, promising on a small sticky note to come back Tuesday and try again.  Was I sweating?  Oh heck yes I was.


Thankfully I was home on Tuesday, ready and willing to receive the gift I ordered.  If I had missed Mr. UPS Delivery Man on Tuesday I would have had a present shortage on my hands.  An all out 5 alarm gift crisis.  But who’s fault would it have been, really?

If I had been more on top of my shopping I would have already had the gift in my hands long before December 24th.  If I had been home the first time I wouldn’t have panicked over missing Mr. UPS Delivery Man the next day.  If I hadn’t received my present I could have played the blame game, but ultimately the responsibility for missing out on my gift would have been my own.

Jesus has a beautiful gift waiting for you, a better gift than anything you could receive on Christmas Day.  He knows you want this gift and need it more than any other.  He’s driving his delivery truck around every day trying to give it to you, but you are too busy, not at home, not ready to receive it.

“Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”  (Revelation 3:20)  We leave Jesus standing on the doorstep of our souls, knocking.  He wants to come into our hearts, fill us with the Holy Spirit and give us peace and joy.  Now who doesn’t want some peace and joy???

I do.

So if you haven’t opened the door for Jesus, put your hand on the doorknob, turn it and swing the door of your soul wide open for Him.  And if you let Jesus in awhile ago but have slowly pushed Him back into the cold, closing the door behind you, open the door for Him again.  Jesus is patiently waiting for your invitation so that He can come on in and deliver the gift of Himself.

Don’t miss the best gift that could ever be delivered – a relationship with Jesus Christ himself.




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