Who’s the New OC?

Doug Nussmeier is leaving Alabama.  And if you are asking yourself, “Who is Doug Nussmeier?” well then just maybe your momma didn’t raise you right…

Doug Nussmeier is (or was) The University of Alabama’s Offensive Coordinator.  Yep.  The OC for the machine that continually shows up in the race for a National Championship.  That University of Alabama.  That Doug Nussmeier.


And so now the talk goes on about who will be hired to fill that position.  And some of the rumors point to Lane Kiffin, who – well, let’s just say he’s had an interesting last few years.  And so the thought of him coming in as the new OC has some of the Alabama faithful nervous, not sure that Coach Saban and the AD down in T-Town are going to make the right decision.  It’s easy to trust those in charge when you are scooping up the best recruits, scoring touchdown after touchdown and winning national championships.  But now you ended the season with 2 losses, no national championship, a chip on your shoulder and no OC.   Does the Alabama nation trust the coach and AD to make the best decision for the team now when things aren’t quite as fabulous as last year?

So you’re thinking this is a post about Alabama football, right?  WRONG.  It’s a story about trust.  It’s easy to trust Coach Saban when Alabama is winning, and it’s easy for me to trust Jesus when everything is going right in my life.  On the days I get up and have unlimited time to spend with Jesus, play a little tennis, eat lunch with my friends, run through Publix and cook up a fabulous meal for my family – well, heck yes I trust Him!  I’m having a supremely fabulous day!

But what about THAT day.  You know, the day I get devastating news that someone I love has cancer.  The day that one of my children makes a HORRIBLE decision that will haunt them for years to come.  The day that my group of friends drops me because of a misunderstanding.  THAT day.

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”  (Psalm 56:3)  Simple to read.  Simple to understand.  But it’s a little more complicated to arrive at the place in life where you  fully trust God day after day after day.  But you see if every day were easy, we would have no reason to trust God for a better day.  We would not seek Him, pray to Him or grow in our faith.  And sometimes it takes a couple of losses to truly appreciate our God – appreciate all that He HAS done and all that He WILL do.

So do Alabama fans trust their decision makers?  I don’t know.  But I have learned that in times of fear, times of anxiety, times of uncertainty I trust  the only One who puts my best interest at the top of His short list.




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