My Very Best

I saw this quote the other day and just had to share:


Not a mom?  Insert your role into the quote.  Great Fathers – Great Sons – Great Employees – Great Teachers – you get the picture.

“Great mothers do their best and let God do the rest.”  That quote doesn’t say “So-so mothers” or “Less than perfect mothers.”  It says GREAT mothers.  It’s hard to feel like a great mother, employee or friend when a situation goes a little (or a lot south).  Let’s say your child gets into a fight in school.  You probably don’t feel like a great mom at that point.  Or let’s say a big deal you’ve been working on for months falls through at work.  Feeling great now?

If I could change this quote just a bit it would read, “Great mothers (daughters, students) do their best and trust God to do the rest.”  You see to me “letting God” do something means I’m in control and I’m allowing Him to take over.  I’m in control of my child’s behavior, the situation at work, my finances.  And that’s just not how it is.  God is in control, God is sovereign.  The real question is while I’m out there in the world doing my best do I trust Him to do the rest?

So the key to being great isn’t to just do your best.  You’re going to fall short.  I can’t do everything, be everything, fix every situation. (Yeah, it only took me about 45 years to figure that out.)  But I can always do my very best and trust Jesus to do His.

“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, O my God.” (Psalm 25:1-2)  Go do your best today.  Jesus wants that and expects that of us.  But while you are out there being great just remember who is in really in control – and trust Him to do “the rest.”




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