A couple of weeks ago I was having my morning quiet time, reading from the book of Lamentations.  Normal morning.  All of a sudden I had the moment – the rhema moment.  In one of his messages last year Pastor Chris Hodges explained   rhema as being the moment when the truth of the Bible comes alive in your spirit.  And I had that moment when scripture came alive in my spirit and I felt it.  Really felt it.

My moment had nothing to do with what I was reading.  But it was so strong and powerful that I knew it was from the Holy Spirit.  I heard in my spirit as clear as day “I cannot use you to your fullest if you won’t be obedient.”

And I knew exactly what my disobedience was.  (Nope.  Not going to share it.  It’s personal.)  But I knew.  I knew because I seek His wisdom, His guidance, His authority.  And God delivers, every time, even when you aren’t expecting it.

Ask yourself what the Holy Spirit asked me: “Do you love Me more than you love ______________?” and honestly answer that question.  Then ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up _________________ for Jesus?”

So in that moment it finally really resonated with me that Jesus had already overcome EVERYTHING in this world – every temptation, every trial, every single hardship that I could ever experience.  Nothing in this world can defeat Jesus.  NOTHING.  So why wouldn’t I – didn’t I – trust Him to defeat my disobedience?

No more.  I do love Jesus more than the fill-in-the-blank.  Declared it right then and there.  And you know what I heard next?

“I will bless you for being obedient.”  Yea!  At first I thought, “Well thanks!  Can’t wait to see what that’s all about.”  But the more I thought about it, the more it humbled me.  I have already been blessed.  More than I deserve.  A husband who loves me.  Healthy children.  My parents living on the street behind me.  A nice house and way too much stuff.  I’ve already been blessed – tons, bunches, every single day.

If you think that once you become an adult you don’t have to obey anybody, you’re wrong.  Way wrong.  But who’s it going to be?  Who will win your love and your loyalty?  I can never love and obey Jesus enough to thank Him for what He has done for me an in me.  But I’m going to give it my best shot, every single day.


“And His affection for you is all the greater when He remembers that you were obedient…”
(2 Corinthians 7:15)




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