Hidden Treasures

One day in December when my daughter was home from college for Christmas break she announced she had cleaned out her bedroom.  Now most parents would be fired up, but since I didn’t see a bunch of large, black trash bags outside her room I knew better.  Where exactly did she put all the stuff she “cleaned out?”

Yesterday I found the stuff.  ALL the stuff.  I found it under the bed, in her closet and in the playroom closet.  I found 32 koozies stuffed in a beach bag, a blonde wig (that scared the life out of me because it was under her bed… thought a body was under there for a second…).  I found Disney movies and all the Hunger Game books.  I found 2 Polo baseball hats (which I claimed for myself) and a fake Tori Burch purse that I will be sporting around the greater Auburn/Opelika area whenever I feel like it.

And then I found this on a shelf.  Remember she’s a college student, so don’t let the irony escape you…

photo That little treasure made laugh.  A LOT.

When I first walked into her room it was pretty, all neat and clean.  It appeared to be perfect, everything in the right place.  Yet hidden away was some junk that she didn’t know what to do with, junk that only a momma could deal with.  Stuff that I had to go through and decide what to keep , what to throw out…

And you see Jesus does that for me as well.  On the outside I may look like I’ve got it all going on, but on the inside I have junk to deal with.  We all do.  And I can’t deal with that junk by myself.  Oh I can try to hide it (Anger?  Put that in a box and hide it on the top shelf.  Impatience?  Stuff that under the bed…) but Jesus knows it’s there, just like I knew my daughter’s stuff was still in this house somewhere.

And gosh what a freeing feeling it is when Jesus deals with my junk!  I need Him to sort it out, decide what we are going to keep and what I need to throw out.  He cleans up my mess and gives me a new direction.  And when the stuff starts creeping in, He is there to help me straighten it up before it becomes an all out hoarding catastrophe.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Don’t hide your messes.  Jesus can see them no matter how hard you try.  Reveal your stuff to the only One who can help you clean up the clutter.



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