A Word from Another

I was walking my dog Sunday and IT started to creep up on me.  IT would be the poor-pitiful-me, the I’m-the-only-one, the everyone-else-but-me syndrome.  For some reason I worked myself into a funk, complete with one bad attitude and a side of grumpiness.

Fortunately I was alone.

And the whole time I’m walking I’m having a schizo-type conversation in my head.

“Everyone else went somewhere on spring break.”
“Stop it.”
“I better find something to do on the weekends now that it is golf season.”
“Stop the Debbie Downer attitude.”
“I wish I was at the beach.”



Back and forth and back and forth the little conversation in my head went.  The more I tried to shake it the worse it got.  I blamed it on a dismal winter catching up with me (did we secretly move to Minneapolis?), my hormones (an excuse a woman can throw out at any time to cover a multitude of issues) and a lack of chocolate consumption (I’m trying to get into shape so I can get into last year’s bathing suit, which ain’t gonna be easy after this winter of massive food intake and minimal exercise).

I just couldn’t – wouldn’t be joyful.  In other words, my world was revolving around whether I was “happy” or not.  It was revolving around my circumstances, not my Savior.

So I went to church quite expectantly because the message was going to be on Joy.  And the more Pastor Chris talked, the more the rest of the room faded away, to the point where I felt like Pastor Chris was speaking only to me, as if no one else was in the room.

The message – simply put – is joy is a choiceAnd sometimes you just need to hear the truth you already know from someone else who knows the truth.

At the end of church and I quickly repented for my emotions of the day and by the time I got in my car my joy was fully restored.  I chose to focus on my Savior, not my circumstances, and that’s when my whole outlook changed.

Here’s a link to the message Joy No Matter What because I think all of us need a little help from time to time to remember Pastor Chris’ three key points:

Happiness is external.  Joy is internal.
Happiness is based on circumstance.  Joy is based on Christ.
Happiness happens by chance.  Joy happens by choice.

Joy is a choice – my choice today.

Blessings for a joyful weekend!

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