Get me to the beach

I’ve started adding a quick little prayer to my morning devotional time.  It stems from Psalm 139:23-24 which reads, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

My short version?  “Search me, know me, show me.”

My favorite place to be is on the beach.  Specifically, I would spend every available minute somewhere on 30-A if I could.  I will spend hours searching VRBO and other sites to locate a house or condo to rent.  I’ll study the entire make-up of the house – how many bedrooms? bathrooms? what size beds? how far a walk to the beach? does it come with bikes?  I’ll call friends and rental agents to ask their opinions so that when I get there, I know just about everything there is to know about the place I’ve rented.  I don’t like surprises that ruin vacations – like showing up at a place I didn’t research thoroughly and realizing it looks NOTHING like those pretty pictures I saw or it’s actually 14 miles from the actual beach.

So when I ask Jesus to search me and know me, I am inviting Him to search everywhere – my thoughts, my emotions, my lifestyle.  He is welcome to search every aspect of my life – places I don’t even thing about looking in myself. I truly want Him to uncover anything that He finds offensive or anything causing me to feel anxious.  If we don’t address those 2 areas together then I’ll end up in an ugly, dirty condo far away from the promised land, wishing I had done a little more research.

And speaking of the beach, I know several different roads that will take me there.  I’ve tried just about every combination to get there in the fastest time, because when I’m going to the beach, get out of my way people.  I want to stick my toes in the  the beautiful white sands and rolling waves of the Gulf.


(Yes, those are my actual toes in the actual sand on 30-A).  

It wasn’t until a friend of mine shared her directions with me that I actually found the best and the shortest way to get there, and I choose that way every time.  I can race down the roads in life I think are best, but often those roads are full of potholes and unnecessary (and often painful) detours.  So when I ask Jesus to show me, I’m asking Him to show me the BEST road – the BEST way, and I trust Him to guide me down the path He wants me to travel.  Sure, that path can also have bumps and diversions.  But when I’m in sync with God’s will those problems are more manageable and don’t make me as anxious as when I go my own way alone.

I’m trusting God to bring me to the place He wants me to be not where I think I should be.
And I know He’s right by my side the entire trip.

Search me, know me, show me.  It’s a short prayer but it packs a very powerful punch when I pray it with sincerity and then take time to listen for His answer.


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