Winter is OVER

Yesterday I decided winter was OVER. I packed up my heavy sweaters and boots and carted them to the upstairs closet where I won’t have to look at the reminders of this extremely long, unusually frigid, massively wet winter. Never mind the temperatures in Alabama will hover around freezing tonight.  Winter.Is.Over.

And as I was relocating spring clothes, sandals and such I had such a womanly thought:  “I don’t have a good spring purse.  I want a pretty, light colored spring purse.  Guess I’ll go look for one next week.”

(Hang with me, men.  It would be as if you had the thought “I don’t have a good crossbow for hunting turkeys. Guess I’ll go buy me the MXB-400 next week…”)

But lo and behold, I opened up the tub o’purses and there it was!  The spring purse I bought last year!  The one I used all season and loved!


So then I had another thought:

“I’m going senile.”

When I opened up that tub that I open every spring, every fall, a wonderful little surprise sat there waiting for me. Never mind I totally forgot I bought it, used it, loved this purse last year – there it was as if I’d never laid eyes on it.  (They say the mind is the first thing to go…)

And that is exactly how I feel when I read Scripture. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover several times (OK, I’ll admit that I skim some of the book of Numbers.  Counting tribes just doesn’t hold my attention) but a fresh new nugget never ceases to show up in my panning for spiritual gold.

Today the verse that caught my attention was Hebrews 13:8.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” I’ve read that verse hundreds of times. Got it underlined in my Bible. Hadn’t thought very much about it until today, but this morning the enormity of that small verse hit me.

I change, you change, we all change. But Jesus never changes.  He is the same Jesus of our great-grandparents, our parents, our children and future generations. We can trust in Jesus totally because His love, His forgiveness, His mercy is constant and unchanging.  It is we who constantly change – sometimes blooming, sometimes withering depending on our circumstances and depth of faith. But Jesus’ character does not deviate with the world because He is not of this world.

And I could go on and on about that verse – and maybe will in another post.  But for today, I encourage you to go find that purse (or crossbow) that you have forgotten you love so much and enjoy it all over again.

No, seriously – go read a passage of Scripture – one you’ve read countless times – and enjoy the newfound meaning in those precious words, those precious gifts from God.  You just never know what awaits you when you spend time reading God’s Word.

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