My Yellow Lab

I have a black Lab, Lucy. (You may remember her from my post Smartest Pets On The Planet).  Anyway, she’s black as night. Stealth dog. Sneak up on you outside and you’d never know it.

Except during pollen season.

For some unknown reason (well I think I know the reason– I think she does it to get an awesome doggy back scratch) Lucy likes to go outside and roll around in the driveway, on my deck, out in the grass – anywhere pollen has landed during spring. After a 10 minute roll around in the pollen session she’ll come to the door wanting to come inside, only she’s a totally different color than when she went outside.

Winter, spring, summer or fall -she never stays out long because she is CLUELESS that she is a dog and honestly thinks the outside world is, well, a little beneath her. This time of year I’m thankful she is inside a lot, because if she was an outside dog I’m afraid I wouldn’t really recognize her this time of year. So during spring I keep a towel by the door; I wet it down and run it over her squatty body until all the pollen is wiped away and her pretty coat is restored. (BTW – DO NOT tell Lucy she is a dog. It would hurt her feelings. She would freak out like Buddy the Elf when he overhears the real elves discussing how he’s a human…)

 Lucy Towel

Black lab + yellow sticky pollen = dirty dog.

So it can be with our spiritual lives as well.   When we are in church we feel all clean and fresh and pretty, only to go outside into the real world full of hurt, problems and annoyances – little specs of pollen that cling to us the more we are out in the world away from the protection of our houses of worship. We so often need to be wiped clean, refreshed and restored during the week, not just on Sundays.

“Soak me in you laundry and I’ll come out clean, scrub me and I’ll have a snow-white life.” (Psalm 51:7, The Message)

We need help to get the world off of us.  Jesus has soap & a towel, ready to wipe the sticky ugly parts of the world off you. And you don’t have to wait until Sunday to be washed clean because Jesus can do that for you anytime, anywhere if you are in relationship with him.

So don’t let the yucky, ugly pollen of the world stick to you and dirty up your life. Talk to Jesus. Communicate with Him. Ask for forgiveness where you need it and go back outside into the world with the cleansing freedom only Jesus can provide.


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