Blinded by the Light

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you gotta cram your normal week into fewer days? Maybe you’re going out of town on vacation (ohhh, where’s my beach trip?) or maybe it’s more like an igotta trip – as in, I gotta move my child out of a dorm room…

So I’ve had 2 weeks in a row like that. And when you’re a type A scheduling control freak you embrace the challenge that a condensed week presents.

Until an unforeseen detour totally disrupts your newly configured schedule

I had an appointment to get my eyes checked on Monday. Good news: I can still read without reading glasses. Bad news: I forgot about the good ‘ol eye dilation process that was going to happen during the exam.

 Eye Exam

When I left my doctor’s office I felt like Count Dracula at high noon baking on a pool deck smack in the middle of the summer solstice. Yes I was wearing the super dark granny glasses they give you, but good gosh almighty I thought God Himself had set me up to be interrogated under the brightest light He could find – THE SUN.

Honestly I probably shouldn’t have driven home.   And I’ll apologize to those driving in Lee County, AL on Monday afternoon for driving slower than most of the grannies on the road (no offense to all you grannies, nanas and maw-maws out there). Monday afternoon’s sunlight truly was blinding to me – possibly because of the overly long and dreary winter we’ve had and for sure because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky (where’s a dang cloud when you need one?). By the time I made it home my head was pounding and all I could do was lay in the dark for a couple of hours until my headache went away and my pupils receded from the status of crack addict eyeballs.

So I totally lost 2 hours of my day. Two precious hours full of scheduled minutes of things that just had to get done.

But they didn’t. Not a one.

And guess what people? I SURVIVED! Yep, the world kept turning and my laundry sat there unfolded and somehow I made my way to Publix (still probably shouldn’t have driven) to pick up a roasted chicken instead of preparing one of my gourmet meals (thank you, eMeals – I couldn’t survive the week without you…).

So what’s my point to all this? REST. Sometimes we all need to REST. I’m not sure my generation knows how, and we are really good at passing this little trait on to our children. Just because I rest doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’m lazy or I’m unproductive.

It just means I’m tired and I need to rest, recover, rejuvenate.

And after my little two hour nap I was so thankful to have had that time to catch up on a little sleep. I wouldn’t normally work a two hour nap into my schedule, so I know that was God’s way of getting me to slow down and take a breather.

“The Lord replied, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’” (Exodus 33:14)

That one verse is so beautiful to me. The Lord’s presence goes with us everywhere we go, providing rest for our souls when we need it the most.

Slow down. Rest. Take some time to rejuvenate, resting in Jesus’ sweet presence.  THEN go tackle the rest of your week!


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