Time is Against Me

My husband’s uncle passed away today.

I’m so thankful I know eternity with Jesus is now his.

As I get older I think “time is against me.” I know I’m one of the blessed – I’ve lived far more years than many ever see. The likelihood of my living to 100 ain’t great, so I’ve probably lived over half my life already. (And honestly, I really don’t want to get to 100 – I’ll probably have had to stop coloring my hair by 80 or so and everyone will know I actually DO have on or two gray strands up in there somewhere…)

 hair color

So before you think I’m starting your Monday off more depressing than the sight of all us middle aged women trying on swimsuits after coming out of a too-long winter full of eating and no sunlight (can anyone say pasty white thighs?), I’ve got this little nugget for you:

This ain’t our home.

And I know sometimes that’s hard to grasp because we can’t imagine being somewhere our family isn’t. We don’t know exactly what heaven will look like, and to compare it to our homes just doesn’t even come close to giving heaven its due.

But here’s the best part: Jesus is in heaven with all the ones we have loved and lost in this world.

Jesus is in heaven and we’re not. Jesus is waiting on each one of us to complete the work he has for us here on earth so He can welcome us with a “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” This isn’t our home, no matter how big it is or how many comfy couches we own on or how many family members are with us. For believers, this is a temporary stop on the way to a place that is so much better than we could ever imagine. And when you look at life on earth as just a stop on the tour, your perspective changes.

So for whatever time I have left, I’m going to make it count for the kingdom. I love the way Pastor Chris Hodges said it yesterday in his message: “I want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference with people who want to make a difference.”  (You can watch the full message here: The Cup of Praise)

Or as Paul wrote in Acts 20:24, “What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God.”

What’s the incredibly extravagant generosity of God? Salvation. The gift of spending all eternity in heaven as pure and blameless and beautiful as the day you were born.

What a gracious, generous God I serve.  And it’s my honor and privilege to serve Him in whatever way He calls me. Open up and listen to the calling He has on your life and make a difference while you are here in this temporary world!


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