‘Dem Bones

A couple of weeks ago I wrote on the 7 Deadly Sins, one of those being envy.  I thought I had covered envy as much as I needed to, but the Holy Spirit brought it back to my attention.

Mainly because I’ve been wallowing in it.   All summer.

(I’m being overly transparent but if Christians don’t start admitting we have issues, nonbelievers won’t ever give Jesus a try.  So I’m not advocating airing ALL of your dirty laundry, but a little realism and transparency goes a long way for believers and non-believers alike.)

So I suffer from a little envy.  And it seems to be worse in the summer when I look at pictures of beach trips, trips to Europe, lake houses, etc. on FaceBook.  (Just being real, people.)  And it’s not that I’m jealous – I don’t want all that to myself and no one else – I’m just really, REALLY envious of whomever owns what should be MY beach house on 30A…

So first, I’m fasting from FaceBook (again).  So if I don’t “like” your status or see your pictures I’m not being mean – I’m just not looking other than to post my blog.  Weapon #1 against sin – fasting from what leads you into sin.

But God gave me another weapon to combat envy.  Last Sunday I was driving down Hamilton Road when God put Proverbs 14:30 back in my head:  “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”


And then He gave me a visual I just couldn’t get out of my head.  I saw clean, white, healthy bones, bones that are both beautiful and sturdy, bones that will hold up under stress and pressure.  Bones that are the result of a heart of peace.

Then I got a picture in my head of black, brittle, sickly bones – the kind you would see on a poster warning about the dangers of smoking in your doctor’s office.  And it all made sense to me.  Envy rots you from the inside out.  Envy steals life from your bones and breaks your attitudes of worship and praise and thankfulness.

So now when the enemy pops an envious thought in my head I am quick to respond with Proverbs 14:30.  There’s just something about reciting Scripture – out loud – that makes a difference.  It chases the enemy away because he just can’t be around the holy Word of God.  And then I picture myself with white, healthy bones of peace and not the black and brittle bones of envy.

Quite the visual.  Use it yourself when you feel envy creeping in your soul, recite Proverbs 14:30 out loud and see if that doesn’t change your attitude to one of thankfulness.


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