The Carpenter

My dad (Pop, as most everyone here knows him) has a little hobby of woodworking.  Actually, it used to be a little hobby, but when his tools, saws, wood and other knick-knacks started to overrun his garage he and The Nana bought a house with TWO garages – one for cars and one for all his woodworking stuff. (Nope.  I’m not even making that up.)

And just to brag on him a minute, here’s his latest:  a double dresser for this momma.


He’s built bedside tables, end tables, chest of drawers, buffets, computer desks, shelves, display tables for the retail store I was a part of – you get the picture.  Honestly, it if weren’t for him I probably wouldn’t have half the furniture in my house.

Sometimes I call him with a big project, and sometimes I’ve called him needing something smaller – a shoe rack, a bench for the laundry room, etc.  He can look through his pile of “junk” (as The Nana calls it), find scraps of wood that most people would throw away, and create a beautiful piece that serves a unique purpose.

Jesus was a carpenter, too.  And He can take the scraps of our lives and build them into something beautiful so that we can serve our unique purpose.  Often times we must be broken first, lying in a heap before He can do His thing.  Why?  Because when we are a mess of scraps we realize we need the help of the one carpenter who can make us beautiful again.

“Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!”  (Isaiah 43:18-19)

It’s so hard, sometimes almost impossible to forget our scrappy past.  But Jesus can do a new thing in us.  He can take your broken past and build you into a new creation, but you have to be willing to submit your life to the one carpenter who can do the work.


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