Make Up The Bed!

This week my son is playing in a golf tournament in Macon, Georgia and staying in the house of one of my husband’s good friends.

And as any southern momma would do, I gave him the list of proper manners and tasks that he darn well better do while staying in someone else’s home:

Pick up your towel and hang it up on a towel rack (he’s actually pretty good at this one).
Say yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir and no sir to everyone at all times (again, pretty good but just in case).
Do not eat them out of house and home (this one has me worried).
(And the one I’m most fearful of) Make up that bed every morning. His feet aren’t supposed to hit a blade of grass on that golf course unless his bed is made.

And I guess I must have done all southern mommas proud, because this is the text I got at 6:01 Sunday morning:

 Bed Made

Isn’t that what we mommas want? For our children to be respectful, behave and treat other people’s stuff better than they treat their own when they are with other people?

Well I guess that’s what Jesus would like out of us, too.

If my son leaves his wet towel on the floor of the bathroom and his clothes strewn all over creation those parents would never think I’ve taught him anything at home (except they have 2 college age boys of their own, so I’m thinking they would cut us some slack…).

But the point is this: if we don’t reflect Jesus to others everyday, how will nonbelievers ever know what it is like to live with him every single day?

Being a believer isn’t all sunshine and roses, happy faces and puppy licks on the face. Trouble comes. But it’s how we handle both the good times and the bad times – and even the everyday, sometimes boring times that can make others want what we have – a relationship with Jesus.

As the Apostle Paul wrote, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Let’s all try to be a good example of Christ today so that others will know the upbringing we’ve received.


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