The Barbie House

When my daughter was four I asked my dad to build her a Barbie house for Christmas. I just didn’t like any of the plastic ones I saw when I went to the 7th level of hell – Toys R Us. (The 6th level would be Chuckie Cheese…)

I knew Pop would do a much better job than the ones I saw in stores. He was living in Birmingham at the time and we were in Atlanta so I couldn’t view the house as it was being built. I started getting a little concerned when The Nana frequently called me with comments such as:

This Barbie house is taking on a life of its own…
I don’t think you understand how big this Barbie house is becoming…
He’s trying to find little lights for the outside sconces…

And I kept telling her it would be fine – I mean how massive could this thing be?

Massive enough that we needed my husband’s Suburban to transport it. Massive enough that when we moved to Auburn we had to find a house with a playroom big enough to house it.

You see Pop bought a Barbie doll so that he could build a two-story house to her specifications, meaning she could walk through the front door and stand up in her house, walk around and have a big time without ever having to hunch over. The house had a den, a kitchen and an awesome master suite on the top floor. And it had lights, too – real, working lights that could be turned on and off room by room. (I am thankful he didn’t decide to make the plumbing come to life…)

Barbie House

Pop produced a Barbie house WAY beyond my expectations. My daughter spent HOURS and HOURS and HOURS behind the house – it was one of the greatest gifts she could ever receive but never imagined was coming her way.

I asked Pop for one thing and was blessed with much more. And sometimes I have to remind myself that God can do so much more than I can imagine. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” (Ephesians 3:20)

“Immeasurably more.” As in I can’t measure how much God can do. I try to limit a limitless God with my simple knowledge and limited understanding. Only when I let go of my expectations and accept His sovereignty do I receive blessings beyond what I ask or imagine.

“Immeasurably more.” That’s exciting stuff, people! Let go of your expectations and let Him do immeasurably more than you can ever imagine. 


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