Believing in the 20%

(Written Friday morning)

Thursday night we got about the worst news pet-loving people can get. Our sweet Lucy had been gaining some weight and we thought at first it was just old age settling in (I can so appreciate that) but Dr. Dan showed my husband something much worse on her x-ray.

She had an enormous tumor on her abdomen. She has gained 22 pounds since May, so you can imagine how bad this news was.

Funny thing, though – she never acted sick. She went on walks, annoyed the cat, went to the office with my husband most days, stalked me starting at 4:30 for her supper and let the dog treats bounce off her nose instead of catching them – in other words, she acted normal (at least her normal)

Lucy Towel

There’s a 20% chance it’s not cancer. You do the math.

Friday night my husband and I lay in the bed unable to sleep. I ran every worst-case scenario in my head from her dying of a heart attack in the night to Dr. Dan coming out of surgery and shaking his head no, she didn’t make it. Bawled my eyes out for quite awhile.

Then I got it together. I kept reminding myself that fear is not from God – fear is from satan. And I was letting satan use fear to run rough-shot in my head. I forced myself to stop believing in the 80% and started concentrating on the 20%. I pictured Dr. Dan coming out and telling me it’s a miracle that the tumor was non-cancerous and contained. I pictured Lucy healthy and leaving for work with my husband. I pictured her riding in the car with my daddy, paw on the arm rest like she always does when he takes her on a car ride.

We prayed for her, told God we trusted the outcome. God already knows what will happen this morning in surgery and we are holding on to this verse:  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

And to really tick the enemy off, we thanked God a lot. We thanked Him for creating animals of all kind. We thanked Him for being in control of the situation.   We thanked Him for 9 years of companionship with Lucy (her birthday was yesterday). We thanked God for Dr. Dan’s talents and abilities and prayed for him too. We thanked Him that miraculously Lucy didn’t seem to be in any pain.

She’s probably in surgery as you all read this, so I appreciate your prayers for her, my family and Dr. Dan.

No matter what happens, I’m choosing to believe in the 20%.  It’s a beautiful day, another gift from God. We will rejoice and be glad in it.


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One thought on “Believing in the 20%

  1. Waiting to hear back on this story! I KNOW how attached we are to our pets!! They MATTER to us…emotionally SO MUCH for they give us so much love and enjoyment!! Praying for the 20%!!!!

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