A 4 Year Old, Target and a Soccer Ball

I’ve been a mom of a four year old – twice. One girl, one boy, so I’ve experienced both extremes of that age. Four year olds are very autonomous, but obviously still very needy. But you give a four year old an inch, and you know where he’s going.

So I’m in Target last week (actually I’m in Target every week – at least twice a week – but this incident occurred on my last visit) and I’m making my way from the back of the store (I just needed real old-fashioned light bulbs, not these crazy new twisty ugly ones) to the front and I end up walking behind a mom with her little girl – maybe 2 or so – in the seat of her cart and her four year old boy walking with a soccer ball.

Let me paint the picture here. He wasn’t actually walking right next to his mother carrying his soccer ball. He was kicking the ball down the Target aisle like he was a player from the German World Cup team, running sideways, up and back trying to keep the ball “in play.”

german soccer

The mom was clueless, looking one way and then another, eyes never looking at the pretend World Cup match going on in the Target aisle. So I stayed far enough back not to get injured because I know about runaway four year olds with balls in their possession.

But Granny wasn’t so lucky. As we turn the corner that four year old soccer star wannabe kicks that ball square into Granny’s cart, then runs in front of Granny to get it. Lord have mercy I thought we were gong to have a broken hip injury right in front of our eyes, but by the grace of God this Granny was pretty spry and she somehow managed to dance around the toddler turned World Cup MVP and his soccer ball.

That momma never saw what happened, totally destracted by all the pretty magical items Target had to offer that day. She took he focus off the most important view she had – that of her 4 year old – and it almost led to disaster.

Boy, have I been there. So distracted by all the pretty (and the not-so pretty) things of this world that I take my eyes off what is the most important view I could have.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…” (Hebrews 12:2)

Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, the One who can see all the problems ahead of us and can help us steer clear of some, and walk with us through the others.

Oh and please, for the love of all that is good and kind, let’s keep soccer balls away from four year olds while shopping in Target…


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