Give Me Pizza!

Friday night got a little messed up in the dinner department.  I had a meeting that ran way longer than I thought it would and I didn’t make it to Publix to get whatever I was gonna have my husband throw on the grill.  (It was Friday.  I don’t cook on Fridays.)

My daughter and husband wanted to go out, my son and I wanted to stay in and just order something.  No problem.  Let’s make everybody happy.  So off they went and we called in a pizza and a sandwich to pick up at the nearby pizza joint, which will remain nameless.


I call and it’s gonna take 55 minutes to cook a pizza and prepare a sandwich.  NBD I think – it is Friday after all.

So we drive to the pizza place at precisely 55 minutes past my phone call (I always work on a schedule, you know), and I go in to pay.  And then I wait… and I wait… and I wait…

I ask how long it will be until my order is ready.  I get the standard “5 minutes” response.  And I wait… and I wait…

And then the worst thing happens – I get hangry.  I don’t know if you’ve ever come down with the hangries, but its when you are hungry and angry at the same time which makes you hangry.

So I march myself up to that counter, debit card in hand and do my very best to control my hangriness as I ask the cashier for a refund so I can go next door and get something to eat before I pass out.  She tells me they are boxing it up right now.

And I wait… and I wait… And I mutter to my son, “If that pizza doesn’t show up on that counter in 2 seconds I’m gonna…”

I see the look of fear in my son’s eyes because he knows what’s coming next, and it ain’t pretty.  I’m just being real, here – I’ve had a problem with outbursts in the past.  Fortunately for everyone involved I kept thinking in my head, “Jesus wouldn’t go off on this girl.  She’s trying.  They are working hard.  Jesus…wouldn’t…go…off…”

So I didn’t.  (Whew! That was a close one!)  Now she could tell I was perturbed, and she apologized profusely.  And I admit my actions weren’t totally Jesus-like (except he did go nuts on those money changers that one time…).

Anyway, the point of the story is we never need to get over-confident and think we’ve conquered a certain sin, because Satan can throw out a situation at any given time to try and get us sucked right back in.  I know if I hadn’t spent as much time as I have reading Scripture, praying, seeking to grow in my faith I would have gone all postal on that girl, all because of a stupid pizza.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will fell from you.”  (James 4:7)

A walk of faith consists of a few leaps and hundreds of baby steps.  You gotta take ‘em both.


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One thought on “Give Me Pizza!

  1. Humorous and relatable! I certainly know how we can get caught up in real life issues (even something like refraining from going postal over pizza;=) if we don’t stay caught up in the word of God. Thanks for sharing.

    Be Blessed!


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