Last summer I thought it was a lot of work last year to get an 18 year old girl ready to live in half a dorm room. It was a lot of work, but I knew my reward would come when the next year rolled around (that would be now) and I would laugh with glee knowing I already own everything a college girl could need.

And then that college girl decided to move from half of a furnished dorm room to a 4 bedroom unfurnished apartment. No gleeful laughing here, my friends.

So on August 15th we’ll load up the SJGT Sprinter van (those tweets will be precious – just wait) with a full size sofa, a fabric covered headboard (yes, made by my daddy), a queen mattress and box springs and enough decorative pillows to make Martha Stewart green with home decorating envy.

So my dream of having all the necessary items she would need at college died like a wiggly worm on the hot August pavement. I’ve bought dishes, pots & pans (are they actually going to cook anything or was that a colossal waste of money?), pillows (did I mention how many freaking pillows?) and sheets.

See there’s no possible way she could have one size bed her whole life – that would make this moving business way to easy and a lot less expensive. At home she has my childhood bed, a double. In the dorm it was a twin XL. In the apartment it will be a queen. And so help me, I just know next year if she lives in the sorority house it will be a plain ‘ol twin.

 bed sheets

But I’m convinced at some point I will defeat the black financial hole known as “necessary linens.” I’ll own every size sheet available, no matter where she moves, no matter what size her bed – I will have a sheet to fit! What a sense of relief and accomplishment that will be!

And just like a college student must collect housewares and furniture and linens for years to furnish each place they live, we must continue to collect spiritual truths as we move from place. We collect a verse here, a prayer there, a soulful experience that all combine to fill our spirit with the necessary things to live as Christians no matter where we are in life. And God is so good – He always provides exactly what we need when we need it (if we ask Him)!

“Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you’re to be.”
(2 Thessalonians 1:2, The Message)

That’s a pretty awesome verse for a college student – and for you and me.

Our God is so faithful to provide everything we need, every day.  And so very often He provides more than that – He blesses us with our wants as well.

Today I just want to own every sheet size she needs.

And thanks be to God – I’ve accomplished that!

At least until she buys a California king….


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