Hardee’s Sells Hamburgers?

Tuesday night, as any proper southern family should have been doing, we were watching the SEC Network preview show on ESPN. It’s been a long drought of no-football-on-the-TV, so we’ll chew up and swallow down any morsel of football we can get.

And then all of a sudden it was as if my TV had switched itself to The Playboy Channel. A Hardee’s commercial featuring two blondes in what looks to be S&M gear pops up on the big screen for all of us – including my 15 year old son – to see. I was so stunned I couldn’t think for a minute – and by the time I found the remote control (why is it never close by?) and tried to change that dang channel it was too late. Another over-sexed image was burned into EVERYONE’s brain.   It made me want to hurl the remote control at my big screen, but then I would only be punishing myself.

So yep, I’m calling Hardee’s out. HEY HARDEE’S – HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU SELL DANG HAMBURGERS???? My gosh – we were only trying to watch a sports program, not see what the latest fashion trends are for the sexually deviant.

It’s enough to battle advertisements for Cialis, Viagra and Victoria’s Secret. I’m now scared of hamburger commercials.

“I will set before my eyes no vile thing…” (Psalm 101:3) We’re trying, Jesus. We really are…

So I ask, what do we do? Give away all our TV’s and cancel our cable subscription? (Let’s not go all out crazy here…)

I don’t eat at Hardee’s. I can’t eat bread, so I don’t eat at a lot of fast food places. But if I could, I sure wouldn’t eat there. Give me a good ‘ol Chick-Fil-A any day. Both places are taking a stand in the world, but I like CFA’s stand a whole lot better than Hardee’s.


If you’ve got a solution, I’d love to hear it because quite frankly I am one fed-up momma. Post ‘em if you got ‘em.


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3 thoughts on “Hardee’s Sells Hamburgers?

  1. Stop watching football. Have you seen the statistics on traumatic brain injuries and their links to early death, suicide, and murder? Whatever happened to family game night? How about playing touch football with your neighbors? What on earth does college or pro football have to do with Christianity? It’s about hurting people!

  2. We had the same experience while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune! So it’s not just football or ESPN or shows with a predominately male audience. I was really disappointed and disgusted.

  3. I emailed a comment to the Hardee’s website. I asked them to please not air these commercials during children primetime. I also told them I refused to eat at their restaurant. I wish the Christian community would get behind this, and make them understand who pays for the hamburgers. X rated commercials will only continue if they are making money from them. I guess we also need to contact the shows who use them to advertise.

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