Where Has The Time Gone?

Last week I scrolled through a bunch of “first day of school” pictures on FaceBook. I loved seeing everyone’s kids as they start a new school year. And almost every single momma posts a caption similar to:

“Where has the time gone?” or “ How did this happen?”

I’ll tell you how it happened. We, the current parents, had the audacity to grow up and have children of our own. We mistakenly thought that our children would be young far more years than we held out for our parents, thus giving us way more time to parent, enjoy, redo, not do, etc. to our children. We ignored our parents telling us, “Time flies, enjoy them while they’re young,” because as always, we were smarter, more savvy than our parents ever thought about being.


Back in 1973 Jim Croce sang these melancholy words: “If I could save time in a bottle, The first thing that I’d like to do, Is to save every day till eternity passes away, just to spend them with you…”

sand in a bottle

Well, Jim, you can’t save time in a bottle, but thanks for making all of us parents feel a little more miserable just thinking about it. We’d all like to bottle up “the perfect day” with our toddler or middle schooler, but time doesn’t work like that. Time is not like money. Money can be saved and spent. Time can only be spent.

So time has gone – away. And this happened – because you can’t stop it. But I’m here to tell you this:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.“ (Hebrews 13:8) He’s is the one unchanging force in your life, no matter how old your children (and you) get. He’s with you through the baby, toddler, elementary and tween years and thankfully he doesn’t leave you in the teenage years or you would probably lose your ever lovin’ mind.

So I’m just throwing this out there – since we can’t save time in a bottle let’s spend every minute possible equipping our children for the day they leave the nest. (Yes, you mommas of kindergarteners – it’s gonna happen. I didn’t believe it either, but here I am, the momma of a college student. Clearly I’m to young, but, well… it happened anyway.)

Teach them how to do laundry and balance a checkbook. Teach them how to clean a toilet and how to go to the doctor’s office by themselves. Teach them why it’s important NOT to ignore the oil change sticker in their car and why it IS important to go to the dentist twice a year. And most importantly, teach them their identity is who they are in Christ, not who they are in school, on a football field, in the school play or in a band competition.

Oh and one more thing – enjoy your child at every age. You may think the current age is awesome, or you may think it’s the worst age ever. But one thing’s for sure – you’ll never get that age back. So enjoy it. Savor it.

Thank God for it.


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2 thoughts on “Where Has The Time Gone?

  1. I very much enjoy your posts. I came across them last week as I had just taken my youngest to college and was needing some encouragement. Thank you for being right there with me, even though we do not know each other. Blessings to you and your family!

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