I’m a Veteran

No, I’ve never served in the military.

I’m a college student move-in veteran. I’ve moved the contents of a full to the brim Suburban up and down 7 flights of stairs in the life-sucking heat and humidity of Mississippi in August. I’ve moved a Sprinter van with a couch, queen size bed, a fabric headboard, patio furniture, dresser, desk, linens, pots & pans, clothes and more shoes than any one 19 year old should own into an apartment, set up house and returned home in a weekend. I could write a book on hints and tips of moving a college kid – maybe I’ll get to that another day.

Many of you have gone through this ritual, and most of us have looked at our spouse or another parent, shook our head and said:

“It wasn’t like this when I went to college.”

Well, no duh. We didn’t even have a cordless phone when we went to school. For goodness sake we were fired up to get a “teenager line” in the house! (Jinkies! Two phone lines in one house? That’s super cool!)

Let’s be real – our children have stuff. A LOT of stuff. Some is needed, most is not, but hey – let’s quit griping because guess what? We bought the stuff. That’s how they got the stuff.

So our roles as parents now shifts from buying stuff to hauling stuff around semester after semester, year after year. I know my daughter wants to live in the sorority house next year, but I’m wondering what kind of bribe I can come up with to keep her in this dang apartment for 3 more years and give us a break from this endless moving merry-go-round???

 Move Aug 2014

Buy stuff. Haul stuff. Move stuff. Bring stuff home. Store stuff. Repeat.

My parents did it for me – I’m doing it for my children – and one day, God willing – my children will do it for their children.

And you wanna know what makes this experience all OK with me? Receiving a genuine “thanks, mom” from the lips of my daughter. Hearing her laugh with her friends, knowing these are the friends she’ll have the rest of her life. Listening to her excitement as she works as an intern for her future career. Watching her grow up.

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.(Psalm 127:3, NLT)

Yep, children are a gift from God – even with all their stuff.  Someone remind me that in May when I once again load up the stuff to haul the stuff to store the stuff…


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