It’s Time To…

This morning I asked Jesus just what did He want to tell me? What did I need to hear? What should I be doing? And I got a word from the Holy Spirit:


And that got my mind thinking about what all I needed to reestablish. I honestly feel like I’ve been all over the map this summer (not literally – I didn’t take a single vacation) but more in my day to day world. From golf tournaments to dogs with tumors to covering a fabric headboard to physical therapy to a dad with colon surgery and up to moving my daughter back to college – yep, it’s been quite the summer.

I’m a routine kind of gal. Summer throws me off, big time. But it’s not just a routine I need to reestablish – the Holy Spirit nudged me in a few other directions:

I need to reestablish getting up at a consistent time every day to have my quiet time.
I need to reestablish friendships that have gone missing over the summer.
I need to reestablish time to write.
I need to reestablish a healthy diet.
I need to reestablish spending time with my parents and sister.
I need to reestablish prayer throughout the day.
I need to reestablish cooking dinner for my family (uggghhh).
I need to reestablish an exercise routine (double uggghhh).
I need to reestablish the habit of texting Scripture to my children in the mornings.

You get the drift. Some of these things have just been swept away over the summer, like broken seashells in the gentle surf of the ocean. I didn’t mean to let these things go – but slowly, quietly they have gone missing after a long, hot, hectic summer.


It’s comforting to know that even though I may have been all over the map, Jesus never is. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) “I the Lord do not change… Return to me and I will return to you.” (Malachi 3:6, 7)

So if you randomly get a call from me, you’ll know why. If you read about a new recipe I tried – yep, you got it.  I’m reestablishing myself, people.

How about you?  Do you need to reestablish something this morning?


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