The Better Question

I have purposely been avoiding writing about what’s going on in the world because, quite frankly, when I start thinking about it fear creeps up in me and I feel like I should get online and purchase a year’s supply of premade-just-add-water meals and spend all our savings on purchasing gold so I can trade a gold bar for a bottle of water when all this comes crashing down…


So I don’t write about it. Heck, I don’t really think about it because I know anything that brings fear into my life is from the enemy, so call me naïve but I’m going to think about things I can control (which is pretty much only myself) and not what I can’t control (which is everything else).

So instead of my trying to answer the question, “Are we in the end times?” I’m going to encourage you to watch Pastor Chris Hodges’ message on this subject with the link below. And here’s the kicker – as Pastor Chris points out, there’s a much better question you should be asking yourself.

If you are wondering about the end times and are we living in them, and if you have some fear about that, watch this message and then see if it doesn’t put your fear into perspective.

It did mine.

Are We Living In The Last Days


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