No Record

 My husband and I took a trip to the beach last week to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  Yep, I know I look way too young to be married for 25 years, but the marriage certificate says otherwise.

It wasn’t our priority to spend a lot of time in the condo. Our plan was to be out on the beach as much as possible or in a restaurant eating like there’s no tomorrow, enjoying the fact that someone else will be cooking and even better, cleaning up our plates.

But it is college football season, so if we were up in the condo eating lunch or grabbing a snack (I eat A LOT on vacation) we’d like to turn on the TV and catch up on the scores of the day.

When we turned on the TV in the den it came on, but was stuck on WGN out of Chicago. You know, WGN based in the north where they don’t care one hill of beans about SEC football. That WGN in Chicago.


So we go by the rental agency to report our TV issue and seek out a repairman. We explain our situation to the fill-in receptionist, give her our rental unit number and after some frantic paper shuffling on her part she looks at us with a blank stare and says, “I don’t have any record of you renting that unit.”

Well now, that’s funny because we have confirmation paperwork, the entrance code to the condo where we had already stayed one night and oh, by the way – you have a big fat check of ours already deposited, sister.

No record of us being there. Now sometimes in life you would like not to have any record of your being somewhere (can anyone say “college” with me?). We have all done some things that we are thankful no one has a record of us doing.

And thankfully if we truly repent and seek forgiveness, God does not keep a record of all our mess-ups. “If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, Therefore you are feared.” (Psalm 130:3,4)

God has the ultimate memory, and if He wanted to He could recall every mess-up I’ve ever made. Today I am so thankful that because of Jesus’ great sacrifice I get a do-over every day.

God keeps no record of my sins. Amen to that!

Blessings for a wonderful weeknd!

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