Not So Easy

Today my heart is heavy thinking of all the Christians around the world being persecuted for their faith. In America we think we are being persecuted if we work for a company that won’t allow us to say “Merry Christmas” in the check out line. That ain’t persecution.

I think about all of the mommas and daddies in Iraq who have watched their children die at the hands of evil ISIS terrorists. I am in awe of a person who stands unswervingly in their faith while evil cuts their child’s head off because that father will not deny Jesus and pledge his life to another god.

In America we can’t even stand it when our child doesn’t get picked first for the kickball team in second grade. We throw a fit if our child doesn’t get into their first choice of college. We freak out if a business owner doesn’t hire our kid for the job.

And while all of that is going on and we try and decide what dress to buy our child for the homecoming dance, a parent in Iraq has to decide whether to put his faith to the ultimate test, assured he will see his child again in eternity, or abandon the faith he has claimed to save his child’s life here on earth.

I’d like to think if I were in that position I would have the eternal vision and make the choice to see my child in heaven. But let’s be real – I can’t even take it when my child gets strep throat. I bombard him with Tylenol, Motrin & antibiotics and feed him whatever tastes good and is soothing on his throat. I am a momma, and I have no intention of letting my child suffer pain here on earth if I can prevent it.

But if I’m an Iraqi momma, and I’m in the desert somewhere, no home left, a hooded man screaming at me to deny Jesus and accept Allah or he’s going to cut my child’s head off could I? Would I?


I feel as though a floodgate has swung wide open and evil is having its way in the world. I’m grateful for my faith, as small as I feel it is compared to the mommas in Iraq. And I’m sure, very sure that I need to do as much as possible to build that faith – in myself and my children – before we are put to the ultimate test.

“But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:33

How strong is your faith – really?

We all might want to spend some time working on that.


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