Move over, Jillian

Every so often I get on a health kick. OK, so maybe it’s really a “healthier than we’re currently eating” kick, not an all-out five alarm low-fat, no-carb, vegetarian, tofu eating health kick.

I usually start it at the beginning of a school year, all bright-eyed and full of high expectations that I will get up early every morning and I will cook my son a nutritious breakfast. For lunch will eat sandwiches on whole grain bread only (no matter it tastes like cardboard) and we’ll have fruit and granola for snacks.

Wanna take a guess how long that lasts? It lasts about as long as a team from the SEC west stays undefeated.

I’ve done a lot better this year, especially in the breakfast category. I knew I had to get a grip on our morning cuisine now that my son is 6’2” and still growing. No more toaster strudels or cinnamon French toast sticks to start the day.

And thanks to my son’s growth and sports activities we’ve been having a lot of discussions in the house about nutrition (or the lack thereof). So today I went to Publix and bought several healthy choices of snacks for all of us.

There’s only one problem.

What do I do with all the snacks I have? I spent good money on all those chips and jars of salsa, Chewy Chips Ahoys, M&M’s and Miss Vickie’s potato chips. I’m thinking I have 2 choices – slowly eat through the mass of unhealthy snacks, thereby not wasting my money while allowing us all to gradually wean off Reese’s peanut butter cups and Rice A Roni, or I can go all Jillian Michaels and grab a large black trash bag and start tossing all the white pasta, white rice, chips, cookies – well, basically all the food that is oh so bad for you but tastes oh so good.

junk food

Throwing out bad food is a painful consequence of the choice I made to buy it in the first place. And sometimes you need to go all Jillian Michaels – in your pantry and in your life.

What is in the pantry of your spirit that needs to go today to make you healthier? Is it jealousy? Pride? Greed? Anger? If Jillian Michaels could toss whatever is making you unhealthy from the pantry of your spirit what would it be?

“Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.” (2 Corinthians 7:1)

Yeah, I’ve got some cleaning out to do in my pantry. But I’ve also got stuff to clean out of my spirit.

Move over, Jillian. Me and Jesus got some work to do.


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