Rolling Over Thanksgiving

I’m annoyed today so watch out, people. I’m on a rant about the soon-to-be-forgotten holiday once known as Thanksgiving.

What is the dang rush all about? We can’t even get through that stupid “holiday” known as Halloween without seeing the first glimpse of Christmas decorations being erected in the mall. (Sorry if you love Halloween. I don’t. But that’s another blog post.)

And heaven forbid we take one day – one day out of 365 we get every year – to thank Jehovah for His outpouring of blessings in our more than enough American society. One day, people. We give more attention to breast cancer awareness and March Madness than we do Thanksgiving.

We just roll on through – or over – Thanksgiving so we can hurry up and get to Christmas. I know what is driving most (if not all) of this insanity – money. Retailers start earlier and earlier with their Christmas push, luring us in with shiny objects and early-bird specials, pre-black Friday sales and deals you just can’t get ever, ever again as long as the world will spin. (And I used to work in retail so I get it. But that doesn’t make it right.)


And I used to think retailers opening up at 5:00 a.m. on Black Friday was ridiculous (I’m so NOT a morning person). Well, hold on missy – for those who just can’t wait you can now throw down that Turkey and dressing (it’s dressing in the South, not stuffing. Do NOT call it stuffing in my house) and be at no less than 37 stores who will open their doors Thanksgiving night.   Oh but don’t worry – I’m pretty sure within a year or two they’ll be open all day on Thanksgiving so you won’t have to spend but maybe 30 minutes with your crazy uncle or annoying second-cousin-twice-removed.

So I’m annoyed. I like Thanksgiving. I like spending time with whatever group of family and friends show up. I like the feeling of fall in the air, colorful leaves on the ground. I like families playing tag football in the yards and falling asleep in chairs after a wonderful meal. I like taking time to pause and enjoy family without any expectations of gifts. I like Thanksgiving, dadgumit.

I refuse to put up the first Christmas decoration before Thanksgiving. Now it may kill me getting it all up before Christmas day actually arrives (that dang Snow Village will be the death of me yet) but I for one am going to take one day – just one – and celebrate the holiday the way it was meant to be celebrated – thanking God for all He has done and will do with my family and a few friends.

“You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.” (Psalm 118:28)

Just one day. One day with family thanking God for His mercy, His grace, His blessings. Is that too much to ask???


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3 thoughts on “Rolling Over Thanksgiving

  1. Most of the time people refer to Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day” and talk more about the arrangements and food than giving thanks…but we have mouths not just to eat but to be just as vocal and clear to say that we will be THANKING GOD for his salvation, his provision, and his blessings. It may not change the world, but it is a witness to those He has put in our path.

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