No Chance

Yesterday afternoon I got about 8 hours worth of errands done in 3. Yep, I was on a full-scale, all-out Christmas mission, picking up various gifts for people on my list. And after yesterday’s post I just knew I was going to have the chance to make someone’s day. I was ready – I told Jesus to bring it on!

Target: An elderly lady was walking in behind me. That’s her, I figured. I’m going to unmangle the shopping carts and find one for her that actually has 4 working wheels. As I’m wrestling with the wheels I realize she hung a right into the ladies’ room. I move on.

Image: Target shopping carts

Academy Sports: I start to strike up an encouraging with the guy checking me out at the register when a friend strolls up behind me. I end up talking to the friend and sort of forget about the nice guy bagging up my stuff. Dang it. I did wish him a Merry Christmas, but it was a little too little too late.

Sam’s: Now this is where I usually score. I can always find somebody in there who needs a little help. I grab the 4 “must-haves” for my son’s lunches I send to school and speed over to the self check-out line. No one behind me. No one to help.

I went a few other places but I just never had the monumental moment of assistance I was looking for. And then it hit me a little later what the problem was:


I was in too big of a hurry yesterday, cramming my 8 hours into 3. If I had waited a few minutes in Target, the time might have been right for me to roll a buggy to the lady who followed me into the store. If I had taken a few more seconds in Academy I could have been more conversational with the nice guy working there. And at Sam’s I could have picked a crowded line (oh Lord help me) or waited until someone checked out behind me. I was on such a “me” mission I put the real mission on the back burner.

So today, as I set out to be a little elf again, I’m going to try very hard to pause, to wait, to really look for opportunities and not be in such a hurry. I missed some chances yesterday, and I don’t want to do that again.

“Each one of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)

Let’s all slow down just a bit so we don’t miss the opportunities Jesus has for us to serve others today!


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