We’re Not the Kranks Anymore

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Psalm 46:10 ~ “Be still, and know that I am God.”

That might happen on February 2nd or July 30th, but it is DECEMBER 5th – a mere 20 days before Christmas rolls around. (Not to panic any of you procrastinators out there..)

Monday and Tuesday I went NUTS running around town accomplishing all sorts of errands. I was checking to-do’s off my color-coded list faster than Santa could make it from New York to L.A. By Tuesday night I got a text from my car asking if she could take Wednesday off to recover. I looked at my debit card and the numbers had been worn off and the stack of receipts coming out of my wallet would rival a Kardashian shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

So I gave them – and me – a break on Wednesday (only because I had work meetings all day). But hey, Thursday was just around the corner…

My husband decided Thursday was the day to decorate the outside of the house. We are sandwiched between two older couples, neither having children at home anymore, but never mind that – they had their outside decorations up over the weekend and we looked like we were starring in Christmas with the Kranks.


So yep – me and my husband, our car and debit card went to my parents’ house to dig out our Christmas decorations (I have ZERO storage in this house), Home Depot (twice), Target, the farmer’s market for our tree and spent all day knocking out the rest of the decorating. For the most part I’ve got it all out… except that dang Snow Village…

A friend of mine were laughing yesterday at the small but meaningful “discussions” breaking out between us and our spouses over Christmas decorating:
“We don’t need more lights – the tree looks fine.”
“Why won’t anyone help me decorate the outside of the house?”
“Do not spend any more money on Christmas lights!”
“Don’t wrap the lights around that part of the tree because that looks stupid.”

Sound familiar? Or is that just our houses?

And as I collapsed into my bed last night, I thought about that verse. Specifically I thought about the first 2 words – BE STILL. Truly the only time I think we are still during this season is when our heads hit our pillows.

But that verse doesn’t say, “Hey be still January through November, then go all out nuts and wide open for a month to the point of a mental breakdown and physical exhaustion.” No, it simply says be still so that you can know who God is today – in the middle of the chaos December brings – and every day.

So I am challenging myself – and you – to take a few minutes every day to be still and feel God’s presence in your life. Passing out on your bed at the end of a shopping-filled, decorating-done day doesn’t count. Try to take a little time before the craziness of the day sets in so that you can feel His presence throughout the day.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”


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