Atta Girl!

Last night we had our annual Atta Girls Christmas party. The Atta Girls are a group of women who play tennis for FUN – yes, for fun. We do not compete outside our group and we hardly compete inside our group. But we are called Atta Girls after the phrase our coach uses on the rare occasion we actually do something the right way on the tennis court. (For instance if I bend my knees and follow through when I hit the ball, I might get an “Atta Girl” out of Mike. But then again, I might not. He’s a bit stingy with the phrase to keep us humble.)


I heard one of the very best momma stories I think I’ve ever heard at the Atta Girls party last night from a friend who had enough of one of her children’s mouths and attitudes the other day. I can’t tell the story because I have to protect the not-so-innocent momma and save the child from unabashed embarrassment, but it went something like this:

Child: Wah, wah waaa, waahhhh, WAHH!!!!!
Momma: I’m not going to engage in this.
Child: WAHHH, waaaa, wah wahhhh, WWWAAHHH!!!
Momma: I am going to remain calm and deal with my child after school.
Child:   WAAAAAH, #?*!, #?*!!!!, WAHHHH, WWWWWWWAAAHHHH!!!
Momma: Oh yea? Ya’ think so??? WELL LET ME JUST SAY __________________________!!!!!

Oh my gosh she snapped. Totally lost it. And we laughed and laughed because what she said back to her child was so out of character it was just hysterical. And we laughed because we’ve all been there and lost it – most of us on more than one occasion.

You probably have someone in your life who knows which buttons to push, when to push them and how hard they have to be pushed to send you over the edge of normal, sane, rational momma (or dad, or employee) to “I’m gonna reach across this car (or table, or living room) and snatch you up so hard it will be next Tuesday before you realize how much pain you are in” momma.

Who, me? Well I never…

Actually I have. More times than I care to admit. But listening to that story made me feel normal because I had confirmation that I wasn’t the only momma in the world to be pushed so far by a child that I just snapped and said words that would normally never come out of this lily white Southern momma mouth. And since we are friends, she knew she could tell us what she said without fear of judgment or gossip. (Does posting this on my blog count as gossip? Gosh I sure hope not…)

Jesus had his buttons pushed – frequently. And He even lost it in the temple when the moneychangers were using it for less than holy purposes. I’m not saying we are justified in losing our temper – I’m simply saying He has been through every single experience we have ever faced. He knows every feeling, ever heartache, every outburst of anger, every fear because He was a man who lived here in the middle of the fallen creation we still inhabit to this day.

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.” (Hebrews 4:15)

So if you are afraid, talk to Jesus. If you are sad, share your feelings with your heavenly Father. And if you have a little anger-filled freak out, repent for your outburst then work on restoring that relationship with His help.

And I’m just guessing when we do those things and get a little closer to Jesus, He looks down, smiles and give us a big ‘ol “Atta Girl!” when we finally get it right.


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