“THE” Gift

When your children are young, their anticipation over what is in the shiny wrapped boxes under the tree is about as big as waiting to find out if your team is going to make it into the college football playoffs. (For some of us, that anticipation may actually be bigger…)

When I think back to Christmases past, various gifts became “THE” gift of Christmas for my children. One year it was the life-size Barbie house for my daughter, another year it was an xBox for my son. My son is a snooper by nature, always looking at the “To” and “From” tags on gifts, picking them up and giving them a shake to see if he can tell if “THE” present is already under the tree.

Barbie House

And as the days leading up to Christmas pass, a new present here or there appears under the tree. For whom is the new gift? What is the gift? Will that person like it? Need it? Enjoy it?

But the truth about Christmas is this: “THE” gift we really need isn’t under our trees – it has already been given freely by the only One who can give it.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

So as you look under your tree, whether it is overflowing with shiny wrapped boxes or perhaps it is a bit scarce under there this year, remember the truth about Christmas: God has already given the world “THE” gift, but you have to receive the package. You can have “THE” gifts you want, “THE” gifts you need by receiving Jesus into your heart.

And the truth about Christmas is this: while we run all over town shopping and charging and wrapping and fussing and worrying, Jesus waits patiently with “THE” gifts He has been waiting to give us every single day, all year long. Jesus doesn’t run around like a half-crazed shopping lunatic because He possesses these gifts in His very nature. Jesus doesn’t go into debt buying us something He cannot afford to give. Jesus doesn’t worry about whether we will like His gifts or not because He knows exactly what to give us. And Jesus doesn’t force His gifts on us – He can’t. We must have a heart to receive what He wants to give.

“THE” gifts Jesus wants to give us don’t come in a box and cannot be bought online. They have no size charts, no shipping charges, no return policies.

Hope. Love. Security. Forgiveness. Freedom.

Each of those is a gift waiting to be given to you from Jesus himself. But it is only by spending time with the ultimate Giver that you will be able to receive each of those precious, precious gifts.

Merry Christmas!


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