Goal Setting

So it’s January 1, 2015. A brand new year. Time to let go of 2014 and embrace what’s coming your way for the next 365 days.


On New Year’s Eve I made a list of all the blessings I could remember from 2014. I know I left some out, but I figured one of the best ways to thank Jesus for all He has done for my family over the last year was to take some time and remember all of the blessings we experienced in 2014. My list ranged from celebrating 25 years of marriage to my new job to the miraculous survival of my dog after a 12 pound tumor was removed.

And today, January 1, opens up a whole new chapter of life. I’m looking forward to the blessings and the challenges, the successes and yes, even the failures this year has for me. I’m not fearful or worried because Jesus already knows what the year will hold – I just have to go live it out.

I’ve never been a really good goal setter. Sure, I have ideas in my head that I’d like to do “someday” but I’ve only taken the time once or twice to sit down and write out some goals. So that’s what I’m doing today before the craziness of 2015 settles in and gets going. I’m going to write in my journal goals in 4 categories (spiritual, physical, relational, financial) and read them every day (that’s the first goal – read the goals every day) so that I remember what the goals are.

If I don’t set goals, how will I know if I’ve achieved what God has in store for me? And if I set goals with Jesus and then ask for wisdom and guidance to achieve those goals, what could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, actually, because I don’t always see what’s coming around the corner. But Jesus does, and if we are walking with Him each and every day, what at first can seem like a dismissal of a goal can actually be a stepping stone, a lesson to be learned on the way. I find great comfort in Psalm 139:16 – “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Nothing that happens to us is a surprise to Jesus, and that truth will wrap you up like a heated blanket on a frosty winter’s day if you will take a minute to absorb it.

So I’ll share my 2nd goal, behind the 1st goal of reading my goals every day:

Live each day intentionally.

We only get so many on earth. And we don’t even know how many we get, so let me sound cliché-ish and say we need to live each day to the fullest. Sure it’s a cliché, but it’s the truth.

So my encouragement for you today is to take some time to talk with Jesus and set some goals for 2015. He’s waiting to spend that time with you!



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