Well Hello, 2015!

So how did your new year start?

Here’s how mine started:

My sweet mother was in a car wreck on Friday. She’s fine (thank you Jesus) but her car – well, not so much. And then, less than 24 hours later, my firstborn got on a plane headed for Nicaragua to serve on a mission team for a week. It’s her first time out of the country and we won’t have any contact with her while she is there. And since I’ll go ahead and admit we talk AT LEAST once a day normally I was dreading this radio (cell phone) silence I would experience once she left the good ‘ol USA.

Well, Happy New Year to me!

Talk about a truckload of anxiety dumped in my lap on day 2 of 2015. Add in my desire to hit the ground running with my new job the following Monday morning and top it off with a right arm that once again feels like it wants to fall off (cortisone shot #2 headed my way) and I was starting to feel like a big fat elephant – not a skinny one you see in the circus but the a ginormous overfed elephant you see sheiks and princes from India riding on – was sitting squarely on my chest.

Picture courtesy of The Huffington Post

I had plans to go see a friend in Atlanta Saturday for 1)girl time and 2)some insight to help me with my new job. I was reluctant to go but my husband assured me my mom was fine and he was here if my parents needed anything.

So I went. I left and drove for two solid hours in the dreary, misty, foggy, depressing weather that we’ve had for the last month (or so it seems). When I started out I had a little pity party as I left Auburn. I knew as a Christian I should have joy – I mean, I have the power of Jesus to overcome any situation, right? I knew I had joy and peace… somewhere… I had just misplaced them a little… like when you can’t find your keys even though you just had them in your hand or your sunglasses when you know they were just in the bottom of you overstuffed purse…

During the 2 hour drive I listened to The Message on Sirius XM and just talked to Jesus and hashed out all my issues (well not all my issues – I’d need a car drive to California to get that accomplished). I talked a lot, and then I’d turn the radio down and listen. And I did hear answers that made sense, ideas that I could never have come up with on my own.

And after my drive to Atlanta and some time with a dear friend, the elephant got off my chest and walked away. Little by little I found my joy and peace. They were with me the whole time, but I had to disengage from the negative thoughts, the anxiety, the what-if’s and concentrate on the truths I come back to time and time again.

God is faithful. God is for me. God is my healer, my provider, my strength and my song.

“You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.” (Joshua 23:14)

If you are starting the year off with a zip-a-dee-do-dah well goodie for you! But if you are struggling a bit, my encouragement to you is to take whatever time you can squeeze out of your day and refocus on the promises found in Jesus, because He is the only One who can truly get the big fat elephant of anxiety and worry off your chest.


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3 thoughts on “Well Hello, 2015!

  1. Thank you so much!! I so needed your blog! I have been trying to find myself this year now that my eldest son went off to college. today he went back for spring semester and I feel like my heart got ripped out again. I know God is good and He is with me, I just feel so ……

    • Hang in there, Samantha! Keep praying throughout every day. Some days seem to be easier than others, and that’s life. But Jesus is with you EVERY day, no matter what. I totally understand what you are saying since I have one in college – it is like a piece of your family goes missing when they leave. Hold fast to your faith when it gets tough – the elusive peace will come.

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