Dear Apple…

Dear Apple (and FitBit),

I understand that we are raising a generation of Generation Z-ers who are growing up with a cell phone in one hand and streaming Netflixx in the other. I know you think that Generation Z-ers and Millenials are the target audiences for the majority of your products. Therefore I can understand the lack of instructions you include in your products, because you are (wrongly) assuming everyone who buys your products is tech savvy and doesn’t need the white paper that unfolds like an ‘ol timey map with enough instructions on it to build an atomic weapon.

Well, you’d be wrong.

You’ve missed the whole Silent Generation, those who are age 72 – 89 and some of the older Baby Boomers. You see, they didn’t grow up with a third hand – a cell phone – but many are trying desperately to fit in with the fast paced world of technology, only you are making it really, REALLY difficult.

My husband and I spent what felt like 2 solid days over the Christmas holidays setting up iPhones, FitBits and AppleTVs. It’s not that we mind doing it, it’s that my parents and my in-laws shouldn’t need a staff to set up and get their Christmas gifts up and running.

Here are just a couple of ideas I’d like to see in your NEW multi-page book of instructions directed at the above mentioned generations:

1) Set up an iTunes account for each person. Yes, that includes you two. Do not hand-me-down an old phone or iPad to your wife and assume it will work correctly if you never back it up. Sure, you can do it your way but we here at Apple are warning you of the self-destruction that will occur on that piece of equipment should you choose to ignore us. Here are easy step by step instructions to setting up and iTunes account….

2) No, you will not “kill” your TV or your cable subscription if you hook up AppleTV. Yes you can watch some things for free, and yes you will have to pay to watch other things. The remote control will not bite or hurt you – you do need to play around with it and just remember the Menu button will always lead you home…


3) Yes, the FitBit will track your exercise and your movements. We must keep you older people up and at ‘em – don’t you want to know how hard you are working out? No, sweat and an elevated heart rate are not an indication of your progress – you MUST see it on your computer screen! Please have every password you’ve ever created since the beginning of time because you will have to enter every single one of them to make this easy to use FitBit come to life. Now simply plug that sucker into your computer to get up and get fit…

Those are just a few suggestions. I have more, but in the interest of time I’ll just say you can make an appointment with my cell phone should you want to hear more.

Daughter of the Silent, Mother of the Millenial


Isn’t it great that life comes with an instruction manual? No, seriously – it does. Sadly we all too often don’t consult the manual but God has given us the Bible to help us through every situation we face.

“Listen to my instruction and be wise, do not ignore it.” (Proverbs 8:33)

Seems easy enough.

We don’t have to go through each day trying to figure out how to make life work. We have an instruction manual to read in the form of the living Word of God. Are you worried? Stressed? Scared? Lonely? God has given us verse after verse to help us along the road of life if we will only take the time to read His Word.

Apple and FitBit may be lacking in their instruction, but God never is. It’s a new year – why not download one of the many free Bible apps on your cell phone and read a little bit every day? It’s the best way to start every day and to get God’s instructions on how to live your life.



5 thoughts on “Dear Apple…

  1. Hey Leigh! Happy 2015……I am so enjoying your posts. It has been a tough 6 weeks at the Johnson house and you have given us humor! I am not 72-89 and have hours of stories to share concerning trying to use my moms Apple and IPAD,,,,…yes….I should no more, but don’t lol….Hoping for a Happy and healthy 2015 for the Thompson’s. shari

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