I’m A Servant (Repeat)

I try to serve others every day. I know it’s what Jesus would want me to do, so I really, really try to put others before myself. It doesn’t always happen, but at least I have that as a goal.

Christmas week was pretty hectic – I’m sure it was for you too. Running around picking up last minute gifts, grocery shopping, cooking, attending church, etc… Christmas week is fun and exciting but can wear out even the most physically and mentally stout adult I know.

So after the hectic but fun days leading to and through Christmas Day I was looking forward to Friday. Ahhhhh, nothing on the agenda but a little R&R, no taking down decorations, no cooking, just staying in my pajamas and laying on the sofa watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC.

Not so fast, my friend.

My dad gave my mother a new iPhone 6 for Christmas. Yep, The Nana now has enough cell phone power to tweet, FB like and comment like a ‘tween-aged girl and she can now take and save about a gazillion pictures on that thing.


If we could only get it to work.

The day after Christmas my dad went to play golf. I scrapped plans to do nothing and decided I would get The Nana’s phone up and running as a way of serving them – I mean, they did give birth to me and support me for 20 some-odd years.

So what I thought would be a fairly easy task (it was for me and my husband when we got our new phones) turned into something that could only be described as the 7th level of you-know-where. And as I was driving to the AT&T store I’ll be honest – I had a meltdown of sorts. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DAY OF NOTHING???

I won’t go into the details – that would take up waaayyy too much time and typing space, but after I spent an hour at the AT&T store we got it to work.

So Friday night I think, “Ahhhhh, Saturday. This I the day I will hang out and do nothing. No taking down decorations, etc, etc…”

And then my husband decided he was going to Atlanta to see his parents. Our whole family was supposed to have gone the Sunday before Christmas, but they were sick with flu-like symptoms and hey, ain’t nobody got time for that.

And I realized Saturday morning as I debated about whether to go with him or not that it was time to walk the walk. We preach to our kids all the time that it’s not about them, and we all need to go out of our way and forfeit our plans for others. No meltdown, no pouting here – I apologized to Jesus for being so dense as I realized He was trying to get me to see in myself what I preach to my kids.

“Do everything without complaining or arguing.” (Philippians 2:14)
“Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (1 Peter 4:9)
“Serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13)

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

So this year I will once again try to think less of ME and more of HIM – specifically, how I can best serve Him every day.

Just please, Lord, do NOT let it involve setting up any more electronic devices…


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2 thoughts on “I’m A Servant (Repeat)

  1. Thank you for this. I needed it today. As I was pulling into my garage from dropping off kids at their various schools after spending an hour + making breakfasts & lunches & finding shoes & backpacks, etc., etc., I was thinking about how my days are built around serving my kids, my husband, my parents, the school, etc. I need to make more time to serve the Lord. But I realized that this is exactly what God wants me to do so I will humble myself & give thanks that I can serve. I’m grateful to have a loving family & a church family to serve. I’m grateful to have my physical & mental health so that I can serve. I will do so with a grateful heart. It’s not about me. It’s about HIM & being His hands & feet. Thank you for the lovely reminder. Have a blessed day!

    • And serving your family is one of the biggest blessings – sometimes it doesn’t feel that way when dinner gets burned and the laundry is piled up over your head but I can tell you definitely have a sweet, serving heart and I’m sure your family feels your love for them every single day.

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