Not Quite There Yet

Nothing quite like thinking you’ve conquered that problem area in your life, only to figure out – OH NO, NOPE, NO WAY – you’re just not quite there yet.

I pray frequently to remain calm in stressful situations. I know I have an issue with that, and so I pray about it – A LOT.

And I’ll say through the power of Jesus I’m better, but I ain’t cured yet.

I really thought I was in control of it. Really thought Jesus and I had a handle on it. I mistakenly thought I could remain calm, not verbally whip the first person I came in contact with, remain in control of my thoughts and the words that inevitably come spewing out of my mouth when I’m stressed.

If you ever want to find out if you’ve conquered a problem area, just go plop yourself down in the middle of that situation and see how you do. In my case, this all revolves around the Lee-Scott/Glenwood basketball game last Thursday night. Now for those of you who aren’t up on your AISA schools (and I mean I can’t blame you if you’re not), it’s our high school version of Auburn/Alabama, Ohio State/Michigan, UNC/Duke, etc. You get the picture – it’s a 3-alarm burning blazing heated rivalry.


Sooooo, being the sin-slayer I am (as if), I didn’t pray about my attitude and loud mouth for several days leading up to the game. I have in the past, and although I haven’t always been all zenned-out during the game I have had moments of sanity.

Not so Thursday night.

If I had GoPro’d myself I think I would have thrown up watching the replay. My constant jumping up and down, slamming my head in my lap and constant arm flailing would make an astronaut sick. And I’m sure I’d be deaf after listing to my “WOOOOOOO HOOOOO” after every 3 pointer we made and my slightly overly loud objections I let loose to the refs whenever they were within earshot.

In short, I think I may have embarrassed myself.

But cut me a little slack – I always tell people I don’t go to football or basketball games to socialize, I go to cheer for my team. And when I have a child cheering for or playing on a team (my son plays on the basketball team this year), well you better give me a WIDE perimeter or be up for the challenge of sitting next to me. (And yes, I do have one parent who told me years ago he would NEVER EVER sit next to me again. And that was when our sons were merely playing pee wee football…)

So yes, I’m openly admitting I still have a problem with being OVERLY loud and boisterous and eh, well, yeah, maybe slightly obnoxious at certain games…

Our team played hard – really, really hard but we lost the game. And unfortunately for one of the sweetest friends I have, she came up to me after the game to compliment me on how hard our boys played.

I let loose on her. Not AT her, but ON her because she just happened to be the first person I came into contact with after the buzzer sounded. And I know Jesus put her there for a reason, because she was just as sweet and as calm and as patient as she could be.

And I didn’t really deserve that.

And now that a few days have gone by, I realize how much she reflected Jesus Thursday night. She was there when I needed someone to unload on. She cared, sympathized and gently talked with me. She didn’t care how much I fussed or if it even made sense – she was just there, listening, loving on me. How thankful I am for her, especially at that moment

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

So this week we will play that same team on their court Thursday night. I’m already in prayer over – yep – my attitude and my mouth. I’m gonna try to possibly be the friend some other momma might need Thursday night, and not to be the momma that gets kicked out of the gym.

But I ain’t making any promises…


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