“MOVE!” seems to be my word of choice in so many situations. When the traffic light turns green and the car in front of me is just sitting still – I say it. When I’m trying to cook in my kitchen and I barely miss tripping over my dog for the 10th time – I mutter it. When someone in Kroger is taking her sweet time paying for her groceries and getting out of my line – I think it (even though I have the sweetest smile plastered on my face).

Impatient much?

Now I have made progress in this area – I really have. I can usually get my mind to focus on the person, not the situation, which helps. I make up scenarios in my mind, like the guy in the car is probably older and doesn’t drive as fast as he used to. Or the lady in the grocery line is flustered because she is hoping she has enough money left over to pay her rent this month. But my dog – well, I don’t cut her any slack. She just gets in the way.

How many times have I wanted to say to God, “MOVE – WILL YA’???” Gosh we get so impatient when He doesn’t move at our pace. When it seems as though nothing is happening in a situation we throw out questions such as, “Have I not prayed enough? In the right way? For the right outcome? What gives??? Why can’t God just make this situation better?”

We have to be so very careful to guard our minds when we don’t see any movement in a situation. Thoughts such as, “A lot of good praying for THAT is doing,” or “I guess God is just to busy to care about THIS” can start creeping in and taking over our thoughts, which will in turn take over our faith or words, our actions…

When I cannot see past the overwhelming mountain in front of me, I try to remember the following Biblical truths so that I don’t give up:mountain

First, God is sovereign. He has supreme authority over this earth and everything in it. I am not in control, He is. As an OCD control freak that truth used to bother me, but as I’ve gotten older I take great solace knowing nothing catches God off guard, nothing surprises Him because he knows what was, what is, what is to come, and He is in control of it all.

Secondly, God answers all prayers, and God’s timing is perfect timing. God answers all prayers with either a yes – those are of course the easiest for us; a no – which requires going back to point #1 and trusting that God has something better in store; or a “You’re gonna have to wait awhile and learn what I want you to learn.” – which are sometimes harder than the no’s, but they also provide a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth if we will pursue God with everything we have and not give up.

And lastly, no situation lasts forever. We have this beautiful promise found in 1 Peter 5:10 – “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” And yes, that goes for loved ones suffering with incurable diseases. As Christians we have the hope that this world is not our final destination, and therefore our ultimate restoration, confirmation, strengthening and establishing will take place when we reach our eternal home.

A point to remember: Just because you can’t see the movement on the other side of the mountain doesn’t mean God isn’t doing anything.

“while I was still in prayer, Gabriel…came to me…He instructed me and said to me, ‘Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding. As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given…’” (Daniel 9:21-23)

As soon as you begin to pray, an answer is given. Trust God’s answer – and in His perfect timing delivering it.



One thought on “MOVE!!!

  1. See, I don’t understand the whole God is in control cult. That means man has no free will. That would be okay, but if God is in control, He, and He alone, would be responsible for every theft, rape, murder, genocide; and no human should ever be held accountable. I’m not smart enough to figure that out.

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