Flag Man

My father-in-law sent an email with a link to a video to my husband back on November 16th and my husband forwarded the email to me that day. The subject of the email was “Flag Man,” and honestly the title didn’t really grab me at the moment. So like many emails it gradually descended to the depths of my email inbox where it – along with so many others – remained in email purgatory until today.

Today was the day I was determined to clean out all 3 of my inboxes (don’t ask why I have 3 – I’m still asking myself that). I decided to answer all emails I hadn’t already answered, delete what the ones I really didn’t need, file away the ones I did need and yes, watch links to videos if they existed in any emails.

But I wasn’t prepared for this link. Didn’t have my Kleenex handy (dadgum it – I had just “put my face on” as Granny would say), and wasn’t ready for the emotions this video brought out of me. I think watching ESPN’s College Gameday live from Philadelphia where Army will play Navy this afternoon served as a moving precursor to this video and I don’t think it’s a coincidence I watched all of this in one day.

What possesses a man to do something as gut-wrenching, as moving, as honorable as this? Where does he get the strength, the energy, the will to keep running day after day after day? When did he get the idea and what made him get off the couch and make it actually happen?

Many answers exist to these questions. But more importantly than asking them is to reflect on what one man did to honor so many who laid down their lives for you and for me.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13)



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