Curve Balls

Life is full of bumps and bruises, isn’t it? (Thank you, Captain Obvious!) Not only for parents, but what’s worse – life will throw your children some major curve balls along the way.


When your children are young you see the curve balls coming. You have your bat ready, and when those curve balls leave the pitcher’s mound you stare them down, steely eyes ready to take action. Whatever problem is now flying in your child’s direction will be no match for momma bear wielding a wooden bat.

Enter teenage years. Maybe your eyesight is getting a little worse, or maybe it’s just the fact that the world throws curve balls we could never even dream about at your kids, but regardless the bat might swing a little slower, and you may even miss one or two.

Oh and then let’s get to college, where for the most part you don’t see your child for days or weeks on end. The lucky parents (I consider myself one of those) still talk to your college kid frequently but it just isn’t the same as seeing them every day. And you hope and pray that you have taught them how to see curve balls coming and what to do if they swing and miss (or get hit by one).

Sometimes they see curve balls coming, sometimes they don’t.

And what do we really want for them? A life free of from curve balls – i.e, stress? So many parents try to take every little teeny-weeny bit of stress out of their kids’ lives but I got news for you parents out there – there’s no way you’ll be able to do that in every situation, nor should you.

So as we work our way though parenting, I ask again – what do we really want for our kids? A good job? A successful marriage? What do we really want?

I got to thinking about that today, and one word kept coming to my mind.


Life ain’t easy, and to go through it being tossed around like a beach ball in high seas leads to confusion, disappointment, chaos and even anger. Is that what we want for our kids? Of course not. But without a solid anchor, we are sending them into sea of life with a paddle and a prayer, hoping they make the right choices and end up “happy.”

So back to peace. Peace when things are going well, peace when life is flipping them upside down. Peace knowing that they are not in control, God is. Peace trusting that God has a much better plan for their lives than they could ever imagine, even if it isn’t the life they thought they would be living.

That’s what I want for my children. Peace. But I know I can’t give them peace, nor can my husband. There’s no friend, boyfriend or girlfriend that can provide true, unshakable, rock-solid peace. There’s only one place they can find true peace, and that place is in the arms of Jesus.

So I pray for my children to have a relationship with Jesus so that they can claim and experience the indescribable, undeniable peace He offers, no matter what the enemy throws at them. Holding on to the promises found in Scripture is the only way to hit the curve ball when it leaves the enemy’s glove.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

Peace in the chaos. Peace in the calm. Peace in the arms of Jesus.



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